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Keith Powell
Keith Powell CFP®, CDFA™
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Our Values

Austin Wealth Specialists in Austin, Texas, is a financial advisor who promises to be impeccable with our word, to not take anything personal, not make assumptions, and always do our best. We adhere to our mission, vision, and core values to deliver exceptional service to our clients.


Our mission is to serve our clients with utmost integrity and honor. We focus on meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs rather than the highest investment results. Austin Wealth Specialists educate our clients so that they are able to make informed financial decisions.


Our vision is to inspire our clients to make informed decisions through communication, education, and service that exceed their expectation.

Core Values

Austin Wealth Specialists values our clients’ trust, and that’s why every advisor is asked to adhere to a code of ethics. We always put the needs of our clients first while treating them fairly, respectfully, and ethically. Finally, we believe that all of our clients have a right to competent and courteous service and advice.

Integrity and Sound, Conservative Investment Practices

Austin Wealth Specialists builds client relationships based on open, honest interaction, strict adherence to ethical business practices, and the continuous pursuit of service excellence. Our goal is to identify each client’s acceptable level of risk tolerance, and try to build a portfolio with the maximum expected return for that risk level.

Sincere and Attentive Listening

It is our sincere desire to understand the needs of our clients. We believe in serving them better by simply listening attentively.

Confidential Advice

Planning for the changing needs of our clients and their families usually includes the discussion of confidential and sensitive information in nature. For this reason, Austin Wealth Specialists adheres to a policy of strict confidentiality.

Personal Service

Our advice and services are tailored to the unique needs of each client. From customized investment strategies to personalized planning and communications, Austin Wealth Specialists continuously strives to achieve a higher level of personalized service.