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Keith Powell
Keith Powell CFP®, CDFA™
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Planning for High-Net Worth Individuals

Austin Wealth Specialists offers two things that you can’t get anywhere else: our experience and our personal touch. Since we serve a small number of families, every client has a personal relationship with our team and they are all special to us. In working with our high net worth clients, we take a five-step approach.

Austin Wealth Specialists in Austin, Texas, serves as a financial advisor to women in transition and help them become financially independent. A whopping 85% of women will at some time be responsible for protecting their family’s assets*. Unfortunately, women often do not know where to turn for trusted advice, nor do they know the right questions to ask. We are here to aid women in assuming these new responsibilities in this crucial phase in their life.

*Women & Company magazine 2010, “Women and Affluence”

Profile the Client

In order to learn all of their needs and desires, we profile our clients and develop a Risk-Based Asset Allocation Strategy in which to maximize returns while minimizing risk and volatility.

Outline a Written Plan

To serve as a guiding document that presents the client’s goals to select and implement appropriate investment options, we outline a written plan that will lead our clients to their end goals.

Monitor Investments and Provide Ongoing Support and Counseling

This will come in the form of regular meetings, consistent updates, checkup calls, monthly statements, and quarterly reports.